Amazon KYC Content

Amazon KYC Content
Photo by Marek Piwnicki / Unsplash

In order to ensure that sellers comply with laws, regulations, and platform policies, Amazon KYC approval requires an examination of each user's information. What is the specific content of Amazon KYC approval? We will explain in detail below

1.Identity authentication: Customers need to provide relevant documents to prove their identity and legitimacy, including name, ID number, address, etc.

2.Financial review: Amazon needs to check users' financial information, including bank account and credit card information.

3.Business Information audit: In order to ensure the implementation of business ethics and platform policies, Amazon needs to check the user's business information, including company name, registration number, business scope, etc.

4.Product audit: Amazon is required to check that products comply with laws and regulations and platform policies. Stricter approval of some goods, such as electronic devices, food and drugs.

5.Anti-money laundering review: Amazon needs to avoid illegal transactions and money laundering. Therefore, in order to ensure that the source of users' funds is legitimate, Amazon needs to conduct anti-money laundering checks on users.