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If intending to export children's toy products to the European Union, it is crucial to understand which toy safety standards need to be complied with. It is necessary to be familiar with the documents introduced by the EU, such as EN71, CE marking, REACH, RoHS directive, and electronic toy standards.

EN71 Toy Safety Directive

EN71 specifies safety requirements for toys sold in the European Union, covering various aspects of toys and children's products. The directive consists of 13 parts, addressing aspects like flammability, physical properties, and children's paints. EN71 also mandates compliance with pattern standards and other labels. Here is an overview of the 13 EN71 standards:

  1. EN71-1: Physical and Mechanical Testing
  2. EN71-2: Flammability Testing
  3. EN71-3: Migration of Certain Elements
  4. EN71-4: Experimental Sets for Chemistry and Related Activities
  5. EN71-5: Chemical Toys (Sets) Other than Experimental Sets
  6. EN71-6: Graphical Symbols for Age Warning Labelling
  7. EN71-7: Finger Paints
  8. EN71-8: Swings, Slides and Similar Activity Toys for Indoor and Outdoor Family Domestic Use
  9. EN71-9: Organic Chemical Compounds - General Requirements
  10. EN71-10: Organic Chemical Compounds - Sample Preparation and Extraction
  11. EN71-11: Organic Chemical Compounds - Analysis Methods
  12. EN71-12: N-Nitrosamines and N-Nitrosatable Substances
  13. EN71-13: Olfactory Board Games, Cosmetic Kits, and Gustative Games

For exporting children's toy products to the EU, an EN71 testing report is crucial. Failure to provide a valid and verifiable testing report may lead to mandatory recalls and sales prohibition.

CE Marking

Products covered by EN71 must bear the CE marking. Additionally, exporters and manufacturers need to issue a Declaration of Conformity (DoC), user manuals, and technical documentation. Toy products must carry the CE mark to indicate compliance. The CE mark must be permanently affixed to the product, packaging, and user manual.

CE Documentation

In addition to the CE mark, other documents need to be issued, including user manuals, technical documentation, and the Declaration of Conformity.

The Declaration of Conformity (DoC) should include:

  1. Your name and complete company address or the name of an authorized representative.
  2. Serial number, model, or type identification of the product.
  3. A statement indicating your assumption of full responsibility.
  4. Traceable means of product identification - can include an image (allowed return methods for product identification - can include images).
  5. Detailed information about the designated body conducting the conformity assessment procedure (if applicable).
  6. Relevant laws the product complies with and any harmonized standards or other means used to demonstrate compliance.
  7. Your name and signature.
  8. Date of issuance of the declaration.
  9. Supplementary information (if applicable).

For imported products, the importer must ensure that the product is accompanied by the DoC and must keep a copy for ten years after placing the product on the market. The EU Declaration of Conformity must be translated into one or more languages as required by the country/region where the product is sold.

Electronic Toys

If exporting electronic toys like remote-controlled cars, additional safety standards may apply, including LVD, EMC, RoHS, and RED. Note that these requirements apply in addition to EN71 and other regulations mentioned in this article.

Amazon may request EN71 testing reports, EC Declarations of Conformity (DoC), and even photos for verification. Without valid EN71 testing reports and DoC, Amazon is likely to suspend existing listings or reject new ones. Furthermore, Amazon usually requires that testing reports and DoC must be held by the same company selling on their marketplace, not the supplier or other exporters.

If unable to demonstrate the compliance of your toys (e.g., by submitting EN71 testing reports and DoC), Amazon has the right to remove your toy listings from Amazon. If they deem it necessary, they can even suspend your account.