How to search Amazon natural traffic ? What are the traffic inlets?

How to search Amazon natural traffic ? What are the traffic inlets?
Photo by Alain Bonnardeaux / Unsplash

In the process of operating Amazon stores, sellers want to attract customers to browse products in their stores, and they need to do a good job of drainage inside and outside the station. So where is Amazon's natural traffic to look? What are the traffic inlets? Look down

1. How to search Amazon's natural traffic?

▪️ Open the background home page;

▪️ In the upper background menu, find the data report and click the Service report.

▪️ There is a business report option in the left menu bar. Next, we click on the option to select the sales volume and visits of the sub-product details page;

▪️ You can see the number of buyer visits over a period of time;

▪️ The default value is 30 days. You can adjust the time range from the top.

2. What are the traffic entrances?

▪️Search for traffic

That is, keyword search traffic, which accounts for most of Amazon's traffic sources. This is also the preferred way for buyers to find products directly, so sellers must properly refine and use keywords when releasing products;

▪️Associate recommended traffic

Buyers enter your listing through other items. The Amazon system will actively match and recommend products according to buyers' shopping habits;

▪️ In-site advertising

There are many forms of Amazon's online ads, including SP ads (Sponsored Product), HS ads (Headline Sponsored) under the AMS advertising system and PD ads (Product Display). For sellers, the most commonly used is SP advertising;

▪️Activity promotion traffic

There are also many types of Deasl on Amazon. Today's Deals include LightingDeals/ Best Deals/Deals of the day and various holiday promotions. These need to be recommended or declared to get, choose some good sales, the audience is also good and competitive products to participate, often have unexpected effects.