How to Create an OTA Link for Listings on Amazon

When sellers first start promoting their Listings outside of Amazon, they often face a challenging issue. For instance, within 7 days, a Listing might generate 200 orders, with 70 orders coming from Amazon CPC ads. The remaining 130 orders could come from external ads or organic traffic from other channels. However, sellers struggle to accurately track the traffic data from these external channels, making it difficult to further optimize their traffic structure.

Amazon’s newly launched external OTA link perfectly addresses this issue that has troubled sellers for a long time. The external OTA tracking link for Listings is an exclusive off-site traffic management privilege provided by Amazon to brand sellers. Its official term is "Amazon Attribution." It aims to help brand sellers manage off-site promotion channels in bulk and evaluate the effectiveness of their promotions. Simply put, it allows sellers to know exactly how customers found their products and placed orders. The principle is similar to "Amazon Associates," but it is not as detailed. Moreover, this feature is not yet fully open and is currently in beta testing in a few countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

So, how do sellers create an OTA tracking link?

  1. First, navigate to the "advertising" section in the store backend and select "Measure Non-Amazon Ads" to enter the "Amazon Attribution" interface, and click "Sign in" to log into your account.
  2. Once in the "Amazon Attribution" main interface, set up a new account.
  3. After the account is created, click "New Order" to set up an external link group.
  4. In the external link group setup interface, first select the product target, then set a group name.
  5. Finally, go to "Line Item," set the URL display channel, and obtain the OTA link. At this point, the Listing tracking link is successfully created.

Sellers can embed the created OTA link into paid ads, blog posts, social media, emails, and other promotion channels. Once someone accesses Amazon through the OTA link, sellers can track the product’s view data, such as the number of times users add the product to their cart or place orders for the Listing. This way, sellers can accurately know the conversion effect of off-site marketing activities, including which ones attracted user visits and which generated sales.