How to deal with redundant inventory?

Amazon's redundant inventory refers to those goods in the warehouse that have not been sold for a long time, and redundant inventory may cause a variety of problems for Amazon, including the waste of funds, the occupation of warehouse space, the retention of expired goods and so on. Amazon's common redundant inventory disposal methods are as follows:

1.Amazon Flash Sale

Most merchants use low price second kill method to clear inventory originally need to clear inventory of goods are likely to be activated, and even there will be stocking phenomenon.


Some products, some styles sell well, some styles don't sell. In this case, merchants can combine links that sell poorly with links that sell well, share star reviews and rankings, and then slowly clear inventory of redundant product styles through low prices.

3.Off-site Posting

Create promotional discount codes or social media will have discount codes.

4.Promotion of outlet (OutletDeal, also known as 14 seconds to kill)

Outlet promotions refer to Amazon's promotion of eligible redundant inventory. Mainly displayed on the outlet promotion page. Customers can find the promotional interface in the Outlet through the front desk -Today'sDeal.

In order to join Amazon Outlets, merchants must join a professional selling program, buyers have an overall score of at least 3.5 stars, and ASIN must meet certain entries to be eligible to participate.

Within 60 days of the promotion, products launched as "Amazon Outlet Limited-time Promotion" will no longer be eligible to join Amazon Outlet.

5.Handle it offline

Based on the first four methods, if the product is still unsalable, it is recommended that merchants directly choose offline processing, contact the service provider that collects inventory, read the item, negotiate the price, and send it to him according to the address. In general, the price is very low, there is no guarantee that the merchant will get 100% of the money back, but it is better than throwing it all away.