How to determine the market capacity for Amazon product selection?

After successfully registering an Amazon store, sellers need to curate their inventory, and one important factor to consider is the market capacity of the products.

Market capacity refers to the number of units of a certain product or service that the market can absorb within a certain period, composed of the total demand for utility and the total amount of disposable currency. Selecting products with sufficient market capacity on Amazon can drive sales growth for the store, while opting for products with too small market capacity may lead to intense competition. So, how do you judge the market capacity for Amazon product selection?

  1. Use specialized software to input product keywords and view the market capacity of the product.
  2. Utilize the keyword mining function of relevant software, input the corresponding keywords of the product, and check the search volume and purchase volume of related keywords. The sum of the purchase volumes of relevant keywords is the market capacity of the product.
  3. Through Amazon keyword search, view the category most relevant to a product, use JavaScript tools to analyze the sales of the product, and analyze the total sales of the top 20 stores on the platform to roughly judge the market capacity of the product.
  4. Through the supply channels, consult product suppliers to understand the monthly shipment volume of the product on the Amazon platform, and then judge the market capacity accordingly.
  5. Check the rankings of the top 20 categories on the platform. By searching for product keywords on the Amazon platform and selecting the "Product Category" filter on the search results page, you can view the top 20 products in the category to which the keyword belongs. Then, you can use some free tools such as MiKu to view sales data for these 20 categories. By analyzing this sales data, you can roughly understand the market capacity of this category and further determine if the category is suitable as a seller's sales target.

These are the methods for judging the market capacity for Amazon product selection. When selecting products, sellers need to consider market conditions and continuously observe and assess them periodically to grasp the prospects of product capacity. Only by continuously optimizing the selected products in operation can a store achieve an increase in sales revenue and bring greater development opportunities to the store.