What does Amazon ODR mean? What factors affect ODR?

Amazon ODR stands for Order Defect Rate. It is an important metric in Amazon operations, reflecting whether sellers can provide a good shopping experience for buyers. Many merchants may not be familiar with the term ODR, so what does Amazon ODR mean? What factors affect ODR?

1. Meaning

ODR, short for "Order Defect Rate," is the percentage of orders with one or more defects within a given 60-day period, calculated as a proportion of the total number of orders. It is a key indicator of a seller's ability to provide a positive consumer experience.

2. Calculation Method

The ODR is calculated by dividing the number of orders involving 1-2 star ratings and claims disputes (including A-Z and Chargeback) within a specific period by the total number of orders during that period.

3. Factors Affecting ODR

▪️Negative Product Reviews

Due to the low review retention rate on Amazon and the fact that customers in Europe and America highly value product experience, receiving negative reviews can significantly impact ODR.

▪️Order Cancellations Due to Seller Reasons

Order cancellations caused by seller-related issues such as insufficient inventory leading to unfulfilled orders are included in the store's ODR.

▪️Response Time of Store Customer Service

Long delays in responding to customer emails may lead to complaints and consequently affect ODR.

▪️High Rate of Product Returns and Exchanges

A high rate of product returns and exchanges indicates that your products are unable to provide a satisfactory consumer shopping experience. Consequently, the platform may determine that your products are subpar, impacting ODR.