What is an add-on item? How to remove it?

What is an add-on item? How to remove it?
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In the course of Amazon's operation, sometimes it is suddenly found that its products have been added with the "add-on item" logo. What is the meaning and impact of this logo? How do you remove it?

1. What is an add-on item?
An add-on item is an Amazon logo for a product that is low priced (under $10), low in sales, and shipped by Amazon FBA.

2. What happens when an add-on item is tagged?
Once an add-on item is added to the product, customers must add the item to their cart for $25 per purchase to get free shipping. If the amount is less than $25, the customer can still normally settle other items, but the add-on item will be left behind and cannot participate in the settlement. Making orders not only troublesome, but also compulsive, it is difficult to have traffic and sales.

3. How do I remove the add-on item identifier?
Here are some steps to follow

▪️ Raise the price of the products appropriately
Raise the price above $10;
After raising the price and lowering the price appropriately, the add-on-item identifier will automatically disappear

▪️ Amazon FBM Light small project
By participating in this project, products can be sold at a low price without being restricted by add-on items.
In addition, compared with FBA, FBM charges a lower related rate, which can also increase profits for sellers to a certain extent.

▪️ Sign up for the promotion
Participating in the promotion activities on Amazon platform before the products are put on the shelves can avoid the sellers of low-priced products being added with the add-on item logo, resulting in traffic loss and sales decline.

▪️ Contact customer service for modification