Add-on Item on Amazon: Meaning, Impact, and Removal

In the course of operating on Amazon, various unexpected situations may arise. Sometimes, sellers may suddenly discover that their products have been labeled as "add-on items." What does this label mean, what impact does it have, and how can it be removed? Read on for more information.

1. What is an Add-on Item?

An add-on item is a label applied by Amazon to products with low prices (below $10), low sales volumes, and are fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).

2. Effects of Being Labeled an Add-on Item:

Once a product is labeled as an add-on item, customers need to reach a minimum order total of $25 to qualify for free shipping when adding these products to their cart. If the order total is less than $25, customers can still proceed to checkout with other items, but the add-on item(s) will be left behind and cannot be included in the transaction. This makes the ordering process inconvenient and, in some cases, might impact traffic and sales negatively.

3. How to Remove the Add-on Item Label:

Appropriately Increase Product Price:

  • Raise the product price to $10 or above.
  • After the price increase, consider conducting a few safe orders (around 5).
  • After the orders, lower the price again, and the add-on item label should automatically disappear.

Utilize Amazon FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) for Light and Small Items:

  • Participating in FBM for eligible items can remove the add-on item restriction and allow for selling at a lower price.
  • FBM often incurs lower fees compared to FBA, potentially increasing seller profits.

Enroll in Promotional Events:

  • Participate in Amazon platform promotions before listing products to avoid being labeled as an add-on item. This can help sellers of low-priced products prevent the add-on item label, avoiding potential loss of traffic and sales decline.

Contact Customer Service for Modifications:

  • Reach out to Amazon customer service to discuss and potentially modify the add-on item status of your product.