What is Replenishment Alert, How to Set Up?

Many sellers are not familiar with using the tools on the Inventory Management page to perform daily inventory management tasks. Today, we will introduce the Replenishment Alert feature and explain how to set up replenishment alerts.

What is Replenishment Alert?

The Replenishment Alert feature helps sellers manage inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers without the need for continuous monitoring of each product. Sellers can set alert quantities for individual products or a group of products.

When the available quantity of a product reaches the threshold set by the seller, Amazon sends a replenishment alert email to notify the seller. Sellers can specify the threshold based on the quantity of the product or the number of weeks of salable inventory (based on the seller's sales in the last 30 days and the salable weeks of existing inventory).

How to Set Up Replenishment Alerts?

  1. Click on the "Inventory" tab at the top of the seller platform page and then click on "Manage Amazon Inventory."
  2. On the Amazon Inventory page, select the products for which you want to set up replenishment alerts.
  3. From the "Apply action to selected items" drop-down menu, choose "Set replenishment alert" and click "Start."
  4. On the "Set replenishment alert" page, enter the threshold in the "Alert threshold" field. Sellers can set a threshold for each product. Sellers can choose "When maintainable weeks reach (how many weeks)" or "When salable quantity reaches (how many products)" and enter a value in the respective cell.
  5. When selecting to alert based on a specified quantity, choose the quantity based on the average sales and the time it takes to order and distribute inventory to the fulfillment center. For example, if it takes two weeks to order and distribute products, and the seller sells about 100 products per week, it is recommended to set a threshold of at least 300 units.
  6. When the salable inventory of the product in the fulfillment center reaches 300 units, Amazon will notify the seller. This way, the seller will have three weeks to place an order with the supplier and transport the products to the fulfillment center.