Amazon advertising CPC Settings common problems and solutions

When advertising, some sellers often encounter the following problems.

1. Each product is advertised without focus

In order to spread the risk of operation, the seller's store generally has more than a dozen products, and if there are many variants of the product, there are dozens or hundreds of SKUs. In order to achieve the purpose of quick order, some sellers immediately advertise after the product arrives at the Amazon warehouse, and the bidding is a little higher than the suggested bidding of the Amazon system, and the advertising budget is evenly divided into each product, and the advertising cost is about one or two hundred dollars per day, but the actual sales have not been brought.

Solution: Advertising also needs to take the route of competitive products. Sellers should prioritize all products according to product sales, competitors, etc., select a few boutique products, focus on these products, improve product bidding, increase the daily advertising budget, and regularly optimize advertising effects. For other products to reduce advertising expenditure, if the product sales do not rise within two months, timely elimination.

2. Advertising bids are high, but click-through rates are low

For automatic advertising, when the amount of Amazon advertising exposure reaches 5,000 or even 10,000 times, if the click rate is less than 0.5%, it is mainly for two reasons: (1) The main picture of the product is unattractive to customers. (2) There are problems with the copy of Listing, because in Amazon automatic advertising, the system will advertise according to the keywords in Listing and match products with high relevance to customers.

Solution: First, analyze the automatic advertising report to see which words consumers click to enter and then buy, and then integrate these keywords into the Listing. Some ASIns may appear in the automatic advertising report. Compare the correlation between the products corresponding to ASIN and our products. It shows that the keywords in Listing are not accurate enough and need targeted solutions