How to Protect Your Brand on Amazon

1.Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry allows you to register your brand name on the Amazon platform, helping you gain control over your brand’s product listings. Having the editing rights for your own listings is crucial as it enables you to present the content you want to convey to customers accurately. This control is also beneficial for future optimizations.

2.Own Your UPC

Ensure you have your own UPC, purchased from GS1, which is the only UPC distributor recognized by Amazon. Although you can buy UPCs from eBay or some auction sites, it is recommended not to purchase from anywhere other than GS1. Buying the correct UPC can demonstrate to Amazon that you created and own your product, serving as strong evidence against counterfeiters and hijackers.

3.Trademarks and Copyrights

Amazon takes copyright and trademark infringement very seriously. Owning the copyright for your products and having a registered brand trademark can protect you long-term from counterfeit sellers.

4.Branding Your Product and Packaging

Branding your product or packaging is another effective way to protect your listings. Contact your manufacturer to see if they can engrave your trademarked brand name on your product or packaging. (Most manufacturers agree to such requests, usually with a small additional cost.) Engraving your trademarked brand name on your product or packaging can ensure that other sellers cannot sell the same product as you.