Can Amazon's 7-Day Promotion Be Paused? How to Maximize Flash Sale Effectiveness?

1.Can Amazon's 7-Day Promotion Be Paused?
Amazon's 7-day promotion is set by sellers themselves and generally can be adjusted and paused during the promotion period. However, it's important to note that pausing the promotion within the preset time may affect the store's credibility and customer trust. Therefore, unless under special circumstances, it is recommended not to pause the promotion during the promotional period.

2.How to Maximize Flash Sale Effectiveness Within a Limited Promotion Time?

▪️Focus on Flash Sale Interface Ranking
Products participating in the 7-day flash sale will have an exclusive traffic entry. Select the category of your 7-day flash sale product on the Today's Deal page to see where your product is positioned.

The position of your product determines its exposure. If your product is on the first page, congratulations, your ranking is excellent. If it's positioned further back, you can use automatic ads to push your product to a better position. Products with ads have a "sponsored" label. This ad space is where our automatic ads appear. The term "Today's deal placement" in automatic ad search terms indicates that your ad has been placed on the exclusive 7-day flash sale page.

▪️Aim for High Sales Volume on the Day of the Flash Sale
In Amazon's algorithm logic, success begets success. If the flash sale performs poorly on the first day, the traffic support from Amazon to sellers on the second, third, and subsequent days is likely to decrease.

If your product achieves high sales volume within the 7-day period, you will notice rapid improvements in your product's ranking on the exclusive page, category ranking, and keyword ranking. This makes your ads easier to activate with high conversion rates, and Amazon will match more traffic to you. This creates a virtuous cycle.

▪️Focus on 2 Core Keywords
The 7-day flash sale typically focuses on two core keywords. Why not push more core keywords? Because the more keywords you have, the more budget you need. One core keyword may require a budget of $50, so to save costs, it's more appropriate to focus on about two core keywords.

If these two core keywords usually perform poorly in ad campaigns, sellers need to start new ad campaigns. Don't close the old ad campaigns immediately; observe and compare which group performs better, then gradually close the underperforming group.

After selecting Amazon's 7-day promotion, it's best not to cancel it arbitrarily because after cancellation, when you want to sign up for platform activities next time, the platform may not prioritize your products.