Categories NOT recommended by new sellers on Amazon

There are some categories on the Amazon platform that may not be the best choice for new sellers because they may require higher risk, qualifications, more approval processes, etc. Here are some categories that Amazon may not recommend for new sellers:

1.Food and Nutritional Supplements

Food sales require specific certification and regulation, while nutritional supplements require even more stringent regulatory and compliance requirements.

2.High risk category

Certain categories present a higher risk for novice sellers. For example, the sale of medical devices or products involving drugs in the health and personal care category may require special licenses or certifications, and these procedures can be quite complex. Similarly, the food and beverage sector also needs to meet stringent regulatory requirements. So while these categories may have a higher profit potential, it may take more resources and expertise for novice sellers to enter them.

3.Highly competitive category

There is fierce competition in some categories such as electronics, household goods, etc. In these categories, large brands and established sellers have established strong market positions, making it difficult for novice sellers to break through existing barriers. Even if your products are excellent in quality and price, you may face sales difficulties due to lack of sufficient brand recognition. Therefore, it may be wiser for novice sellers to choose categories where there is relatively little competition.

4.Seasonal category

Sales of certain categories are more affected by seasonal factors, such as Christmas decorations, swimwear, etc. Although sales may be very hot in a certain season, other times they may experience slow sales problems. For novice sellers, entering these seasonal categories can be risky without a stable sales channel or adequate inventory management capabilities.

5.High-tech category

Certain categories such as electronic products, scientific and technological equipment, etc., require higher technical requirements. Entering these categories can be challenging if you are not familiar with the technical details and operation of related products. In addition to the need to have relevant technical knowledge, it is also necessary to face the changing market and technology trends. Therefore, for new sellers, it is recommended to avoid these high-tech categories until they have full understanding and experience.