Differences and Advantages of Automatic and Manual Amazon Advertising Campaigns

It is well known that Amazon advertising offers both automatic and manual campaign options. What are the differences between them? Which one is more effective? What are their respective advantages? Today, let's quickly understand the differences between these two campaign types and their advantages.

Difference between Automatic and Manual Campaigns:

Automatic campaigns utilize algorithms to match your products with corresponding keywords and types for exposure. On the other hand, manual campaigns allow sellers to set their own keywords, which are then directly imported for precise targeting.

Advantages of Automatic and Manual Campaigns:

1.Advantages of Automatic Campaigns:

▪️Rapidly Increase Product Exposure: Automatic campaigns can quickly boost product exposure by generating a large number of keywords when the product is newly launched.

▪️Stable Increase in Sales Volume: Through big data analysis, automatic campaigns target relevant pages based on user preferences, stimulating consumer purchase desire and ensuring a stable increase in sales volume.

▪️Control: Automatic campaigns provide insights into the traffic generated by each keyword, allowing sellers to adjust their targeting direction to attract and retain more customers.

2.Advantages of Manual Campaigns:

▪️More Precise Exposure: Manual campaigns offer a bidding option within the system algorithm. With a high enough bid, even new products can obtain excellent exposure positions.

▪️Clear Visibility of Product Competitiveness: By observing the conversion performance of products in different positions, sellers can gauge their product's competitiveness across various keywords.

In summary, there is no clear distinction between automatic and manual Amazon advertising campaigns. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Automatic campaigns offer broad exposure and can quickly boost product visibility by generating numerous keywords in the early stages. On the other hand, manual campaigns provide more precise targeting and bidding options for better exposure positions. The most effective approach often involves combining both methods.