What is the differences between natural traffic orders and advertising orders on Amazon?

For natural orders, one can generally only make a rough judgment based on organic rankings. To do so, log in to the Amazon backend, access the order list, and match and judge each order based on its date and corresponding site. Further research is needed for a more comprehensive understanding.

Regarding the sources of advertising orders:

  1. Keyword Bidding: Typically, when running advertisements, keyword bids need to be set. This ensures that when consumers search for specific keywords, corresponding results are displayed. If the bid is appropriate, one's product can achieve a higher ranking, leading to more conversion opportunities.
  2. In-site Promotion: In comparison to external traffic, in-site promotions offer higher precision. It mainly involves using advertisements to promote and market products within the site.
  3. Homepage Recommendations: These are actively matched recommendations based on users' shopping habits, and it's the highest-converting advertising placement. To utilize this method for traffic, one needs to understand how products are related and select items accordingly to maximize effectiveness.

After reading this article, it is hoped that readers will have a clearer understanding of the distinction between natural traffic orders and advertising orders. They can also choose the advertising promotion method that suits their store best from the aforementioned sources of advertising orders.