Do Amazon stores verified last year need to be re-verified?

Recently, rumors about a new round of verifications have been spreading within the Amazon seller community, and Amazon officials have officially announced the upcoming "US Consumer Act 2024 Annual Verification." According to the announcement, Amazon will gradually send notifications to sellers who need to complete the annual verification. Sellers should pay close attention to email notifications to avoid missing the window period and having their accounts suspended.

1.Important reminders about annual verification:

If sellers completed the information submission required by the "US Consumer Act" last year, Amazon will gradually send notifications to sellers who need to complete this year's annual verification in the coming period. Sellers should continue to monitor email notifications to ensure timely completion of the verification and avoid account suspension.

2.Operational tips and precautions:

Check email notifications: Sellers can access the backend Account Health page to see if they have received alerts to "complete your priority actions" and related verification notifications.

Seller requirements: All high-volume sellers must undergo verification at least once a year to demonstrate that their information is still accurate. High-volume sellers are defined as those who have sold over 200 units of new or unused consumer goods in any consecutive 12-month period in the past 24 months, with total revenue exceeding $5,000.

Account updates: Non-high-volume sellers do not need to re-verify, but all high-volume third-party sellers must update their information promptly and notify Amazon of any changes. Amazon must verify any updates made.

3.Precautions and risk reminders:

If a seller's account falls within the scope of the annual verification of the Act but fails to complete the self-verification process within the required time, Amazon will issue formal notifications to the seller. If the seller fails to respond within the required time or if Amazon cannot verify the account information, Amazon may freeze funds or suspend the account until the seller successfully completes the verification.

The "US Consumer Act 2024 Annual Verification" is an important measure by Amazon regarding seller account information, aimed at protecting consumer rights and account security. Sellers should pay close attention to notifications and promptly prepare for and complete the required verification process to ensure the normal operation of their accounts and the safety of their funds.