Requirements for Amazon Product Bundle Sales

For product bundle sales on Amazon, it is stipulated that all products participating in bundle sales must comply with Amazon's product listing policy and bundle sales policy. Failure to comply with relevant regulations may result in the removal of bundled products by Amazon, and even the account may be affected. Therefore, sellers should pay attention to the following points when bundling products:

1.Complementary Nature of Bundle Products

For example, a yoga kit sold by a seller includes yoga mats, yoga bricks, yoga straps, and yoga towels, all of which are items that yoga enthusiasts need for practice. When sold together, they complement each other extremely well. Buyers purchasing this yoga kit do not need to separately buy yoga bricks, yoga straps, and yoga towels, making it both convenient and cost-effective.

2.Media Products Cannot Serve as Primary Products for Bundle Sales

When conducting bundle sales, video game products or media products such as books, music, videos, and DVDs (BMVD) cannot serve as primary products in bundles but can be included as supplementary products. For example, in the yoga kit shown in Figure 6.24, where the yoga mat serves as the primary product, DVDs and books about yoga can be included as supplementary products to create another new bundle, which can then be sold.

3.Classification Criteria for Bundle Sets

In a bundle containing multiple products, each product may belong to different categories. Sellers can determine the classification of the entire bundle based on the category of the primary product with the highest unit price (or value) in the bundle.

4.Other Considerations

▪️Tools used for packaging, such as gift boxes, should not be considered secondary products in bundle sets.

▪️If sellers provide order receipts to buyers, the receipt details must match the actual products sold.