How to turn on the Amazon Vacation Mode?

Amazon vacation mode is crucial to remove all the open and seller-fulfilled listings temporarily. Once you are back from holiday, you do not need to re-list the listings. Use this Amazon seller central holiday settings even if the seller is off for a short duration of a week or less.

How to turn on the Amazon Vacation Mode?

1.Go to the Seller Central console, click on Settings in the top-right location. Go to Account Info from the available drop-down options.

In the Account Information section, go to the Listings Status, then click on Going on vacation?

On the Vacation Settings page, find the listing status of all the marketplaces you sell.

Here, click the Inactive button and Save the option.

In case you sell on diverse marketplaces, click the Inactive radio button next to your marketplace individually and then click the Save option.

Changing the status of the listings to inactive mode prevents you from generating any new sales.    Therefore, ensure that this process is done at least 2 days to remove the listings from being visible on a product details page and search results.

Usually, it takes about 15 minutes for the changes to reflect in the product page.    However, Amazon suggests waiting for at least an hour to verify the changes in the product details page and search results.