How to create a shipping plan in Amazon FBA?

To create a shipping plan in Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), follow these general steps:

1.Access Amazon seller central, go to the 'Inventory' tab in seller central.

2.Select products for shipment, create a new shipping plan, enter detail shipping plan information such as the ship-from address, shipping carrier, and shipping service type.

3.Prepare products and enter quantity and box information. Specify the quantity of each product you're sending and provide details about the boxes you'll use to ship them (box content, box weight, box dimensions). making sure they comply with Amazon's packaging and labeling requirements.

4.Review and Confirm:
Review the information entered for accuracy. Amazon will provide options to review and confirm the shipping plan details.

5.Print Labels and Schedule Carrier Pickup or Drop-Off
Once the shipping plan is confirmed, Amazon will generate labels for your shipments.        Print these labels and affix them to the appropriate boxes.Schedule a pickup with the designated carrier or drop off the shipment at the specified location.