What are the reasons for slow Amazon shipments into the warehouse?

What are the reasons for slow Amazon shipments into the warehouse?
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For Amazon sellers, receipt of goods is no stranger. During the peak season, the seller process often faces the problem of slow inventory. So, what are the reasons for this serious situation? Let's dig deeper:

1.Transportation issues

During the peak season, there is a shortage of transportation capacity in the United States. It may take a considerable amount of time to find suitable cargo space, leading to booking difficulties and affecting delivery schedules. In addition, unexpected blockages on routes such as the Suez Canal may extend transportation times and cargo leads to detention.

2.Customs issues

When goods are cleared through customs, there may be a discrepancy between the declared value and the actual value. If national customs deems the declared value to be too high or too low, it may be necessary to re-declare the goods, resulting in an abnormal position.

3.Last mile questions

Sellers often report that last mile container truck drivers may stop operations, temporarily shutting down the port, which could severely impact the truck's container traffic.

4.Labeling issues

High temperatures will cause thermal paper labels to fade, making them unreadable when scanned at the warehouse. To prevent labels from being damaged during shipping, the seller recommends using labels printed on ribbons.

These are the main reasons for Amazon's slow warehousing. Knowing these factors, sellers should prepare for possible problems before shipping and be vigilant during the shipping process to avoid unexpected situations such as warehouse rejection or returns.