How can Amazon sellers cancel an order?

How can Amazon sellers cancel an order?
Photo by Thomas Evans / Unsplash

When sellers process orders daily, they will always encounter the problem of order cancellation. This article will introduce the method of Amazon sellers to cancel orders.

To cancel a store order, sellers can choose to cancel themselves or have the buyer contact them to cancel the order.

1. The seller cancels the order

◾️ Find the order you want to cancel on the "Order Management" page of Amazon's background;

◾️ Click the order you want to cancel in the order list; Click "Cancel Order";

◾️ select "Cancellation Reason" and enter the reason for cancellation.

◾️ Merchants can also enter the tracking information in the "Seller Notice", confirm the error and click "submit".

2.Contact the buyer to cancel the order

◾️ send an email to the buyer with a link to cancel the order;

◾️ explains in the email that the seller has no way to cancel the order directly, and allows the buyer to apply for cancelling the order through order-Management-application;

◾️ After the buyer clicks Cancel order in the order, the reason can be selected Buyer cancel. It is important to note that buyers cancel only if the seller has not delivered.