What are the eligibility criteria for declaring Amazon Lightning Deals?

To ensure the best shopping experience for consumers, Amazon stipulates that only products meeting specific criteria are eligible for declaring flash sale events. Hence, sellers need to understand the qualifications and requirements for declaring such events.

Amazon's stipulated qualifications and requirements include, but are not limited to, the following conditions:

1.Product star ratings:

Flash sale events have a minimum rating requirement to recommend the highest quality products to consumers. The system also considers factors such as the number of reviews and the overall rating of the product. Products with lower ratings typically do not qualify for participation in flash sales.

2.Variant stocking capability:

When creating flash sale events for products with multiple variants, it's necessary to include all variants in the flash sale. Usually, if a seller's product variants (such as size, color, style, etc.) fall below the required proportion, the flash sale application will be rejected. Amazon informs sellers during the flash sale creation process if additional variants need to be added.

3.Product eligibility:

Not all products meet the criteria for participating in flash sale events to ensure an excellent consumer experience. Certain categories of products or items unsuitable in specific aspects or deemed aggressive are ineligible and do not have the opportunity to be recommended as flash sale products. For instance, items like e-cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, adult products, medical devices and drugs, infant formula, among others, are excluded.