What does "order pending" mean? What causes it?

What does "order pending" mean? What causes it?
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Many Amazon sellers have experienced order pending. According to Amazon's official explanation, orders in the "pending" state may indicate that there is a problem with the buyer's payment method or the convenience store payment method. In some cases, Amazon's payment and order details verification process can extend order processing time up to 21 days.

In other words, the "waiting" of the general yellow sign is that the buyer has placed an order but has not completed the payment, so it is the state of waiting for the buyer to pay, until the buyer pays, the goods will be prepared and distributed normally. This "pending" status is time-limited, and if the buyer does not pay within 21 days, the order will be canceled by Amazon, with no impact on the seller's account.

After understanding the situation in the order waiting, many sellers want to ask again, what are the reasons for this situation? In view of this problem, We have summarized the following 3 points.

1.Bank problems: Generally speaking, banks are more likely to have problems, that is, problems occur in the buyer's payment process. Amazon has not obtained the merchant's authorization to use the credit card for payment, and the payment failure leads to the waiting order.

2.Logistics problem: If the logistics problem leads to the order waiting, then it is most likely that the buyer buys the products shipped by FBA in different stores, but there are individual FBA products in the entire order when the stock is out, then it will lead to FBA to separate orders, then the order will also show "waiting".

3.Buyer problem: For buyers, if the purchased product does not meet the FBA delivery terms, Amazon platform will also process the order as "waiting order". After the buyer reaches the conditions of FBA delivery at the end of the purchase, and the products are in the state of stock, the order can be shipped normally.

If our Amazon order appears in the waiting situation, then the merchant should not ship, even if the buyer contacts you to urge you to ship, do not ship, all subject to the payment received.