What is Amazon Automated Advertising and what does it do?

What is Amazon Automated Advertising and what does it do?
Photo by Travis Leery / Unsplash

Believe that sellers are n familiar with automatic advertising, and today we will explain in detail what Amazon automatic advertising is and what its role is.

1.What is Amazon Automated advertising?

Automatic advertising is a type of advertising that Amazon automatically displays your products according to the system algorithm. In the process of display, keywords and corresponding product categories will be matched for your listing.

2. What are the functions of automatic advertising

▪️ Let the product get better exposure position

Different from the automatic position, the automatic position is that Amazon automatically ranks the products under the word according to the algorithm. There is an option of bidding in the advertising algorithm, and the weight of the bidding is still very high. Theoretically speaking, even if it is just a new product, as long as there is enough bidding, you can get a good advertising position. A better exposure position means your product is seen by more people.

▪️ Drive more clicks

Good placement means that your product can be seen by more people, seen by more people, and can get more clicks than the natural placement.

▪️ Let Amazon identify your products faster

Amazon's process for identifying what you're listing is to expose your product and then determine what your product is based on clicks and purchases. If all buyers use laptops to search for your product and buy it, even if your product is a phone, Amazon will still recognize your product as a laptop.

▪️ Check listing

Automatic advertising for a product is done by grabbing possible keywords on the product page to show exposure. If your product exposure clicks are mainly under some strange products, you need to think about whether the keywords of the copy are relevant.

▪️ Promote keyword rankings

If a product performs better than its competitors in a combination of advertising and natural placement under a word, the product's placement under that word improves. This is not a direct result of advertising, but a result based on algorithms.