Amazon search terms report and function

Amazon search terms report and function
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View the search term report is one of the daily work of Amazon sellers, through the search term report, can analyze the expansion, visitor behavior, and according to the analysis results, the promotion direction for targeted adjustment. So, what is the Amazon Search term report? How to view? This article to introduce.

1. What is the Amazon Search Term Report?

The Amazon Search Term report shows brand owners how buyers overall find their items and those of their competitors on Amazon Marketplace, including the relative search popularity, click-share, and conversion share of each item.

The Amazon Search terms show the most commonly searched terms in the Amazon Marketplace during a specific time period, the ranking of how frequently each term was searched, and the top three items that buyers clicked on overall after searching for that term. For each of the top three items, this report also shows clickshare and conversion share for each item.

Brand owners can look for specific terms to see what items Amazon buyers clicked on overall after searching for that term, or they can search for specific items to see which words prompted Amazon buyers to click on that item overall.

2. What is the use of search term reports?

In the Amazon Search term report, sellers can view the data of the currently selected site, filter different categories, or customize the time period to view the search term data.

Custom time periods depend on search terms and products, seasonal products will only appear during certain time periods. By customizing the time period, sellers can find out when consumers start searching for seasonal products, such as "sunglasses."

After setting up, the corresponding data will be displayed directly on the page, of course, the search term data can be exported to use, save to Excel spreadsheet or CSV file.

3. How do I view the search term report?

First, go to the Seller Center homepage and click Campaign Manager under the Advertising TAB;

Next, under the Advertising reports TAB, select your campaign, report type, and report period (minimum 7 days is ideal). When you are done, click the Create report button to generate the report;

Finally, after the report is generated, click the Download button to get the report.