What is the Amazon ODR? What factors affect the ODR?

What is the Amazon ODR? What factors affect the ODR?
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In Amazon's operation, the ODR is a very important indicator, which reflects whether the seller can provide a good shopping experience for the buyer. But many merchants do not know the meaning of the word ODR, so what does Amazon ODR stand for? What are the factors that affect the ODR?

  1. Implication

The Order Defect Rate refers to the order defect rate. This metric covers the percentage of "orders with one or more defects" as a percentage of "total orders" in a given 60-day period and is the primary measure of a seller's ability to provide a good consumer experience.

2.   Two Calculation method

All orders involving 1-2 star reviews and claim disputes (including A-Z and Chargeback) over A period of time/total orders over that period of time.

3.   Factors affecting the ODR

▪️ Negative product evaluation

As we all know, Amazon's retention rate is low, and because European and American customers attach great importance to the experience of products, if it receives negative evaluation, it will have a great impact on the ODR.

▪️ Order cancellation due to seller

Order cancellations caused by sellers such as insufficient inventory of goods to be delivered will be included in the ODR index of the store.

▪️ Customer service response time

If you do not reply to customer emails for a long time, you may be complained, which will affect the ODR.

▪️ High return rate of goods

The high return rate of goods indicates that your goods can not give customers a better consumer shopping experience, so the platform will judge your goods are not good, affecting the ODR.