The three most commonly used methods of product selection by Amazon

The three most commonly used methods of product selection by Amazon
Photo by Robert Wiedemann / Unsplash

We have compiled three of the most commonly used methods of  product selection by sellers, which are:

▪️ Massive paving

▪️Auto Advertising


  1. Massive paving

This large-scale commodity distribution model is the simplest.

The operation method is as follows:

First, find a vertical subcategory. Take women's swimwear as an example, and start to sell in bulk through their own distribution tools or full Sell ERP. Skus are all kinds of women's swimwear, all FBM products, and the pictures are also network pictures, for the purpose of model testing.

Secondly,This method pursues speed and breadth, and lays out all the styles of women's swimwear that can be found on the market as soon as possible. Each style changes the picture and description, repeat as much as possible, one SKU can become up to 40-60 SKUs, while the product is still the same product, in order to increase exposure as much as possible. At the same time, attract consumers with the lowest possible price. (In particular, the price of products using FBM can be reduced to half of the price of competitors using FBA)

2.  Auto advertising

Unlike the last one requires so many products, Auto advertising test model is more convenient in operation.

The operation method is as follows:

First. In the vertical subdivision category, select some better products and send a small amount (less than 100) of FBA for each product;

Second, after the arrival of FBA, start Auto automatic advertising, early budget and bidding suggestions are larger, and don't pay too much attention to ACOS indicators;

Third, a week later, review the data feedback of CTR and CVR, select products with bright data performance, and contact the supply chain to supplement.

Note: For poorly performing products, let the product rely on automatic advertising and a certain amount of coupons, slowly remove the inventory. This approach can not only play the role of testing funds, but also help us run a lot of valuable keywords.

3.   Facebook test

This method is more suitable for some sea dumping or high value products.

The operation method is as follows:

First, Select a category and a general product sequence, the process is the same as the previous two methods;

Second,.place the pre-beta product on a standalone site that is quickly built using Shopify and then uses Facebook ads to target the exact audience of the product;

Third, use several products with 50-70% discount as attraction points, run FB ads, see which orders will be more in the end, the data performance will be more impressive, and determine the main products in the future;

Finally. after the end of the test, you can choose to ship or not, and the cost of the test is only the Facebook advertising fee. (Much lower than Amazon)