What is the reference for determining the level of exposure?

Exposure levels are not absolute, they also depend on the total exposure of a specific keyword and the exposure gained by other advertisers. We recommend utilizing:

1.Search Term Impressions Share Report

Available in both product and brand advertising reports. You can examine the impressions of various search terms within all your advertising traffic and the impression share you've acquired for these terms. For instance, if your search term 'running shoes' has an impressions share of 25%, ranking third, it means you've received 25% of all ad impressions for 'running shoes' on that day. The remaining 75% was obtained by other advertisers, with two advertisers ahead of you, each securing more than 25%. Simultaneously, by dividing your received impressions by the share acquired, you can compute the total impressions for that search term. This report assists in determining whether competitors' ads have garnered more exposure, your competitive position, total impressions for the search term, and the potential for increasing your impressions.

2.Brand Performance in Search Terms

Encompasses comprehensive performance metrics, including both ad and organic traffic. You can review the display frequency of your brand or ASIN across different search terms (i.e., the number of times your brand appears) and the proportion it holds among all displays (i.e., brand share, calculated by the number of times your brand appears divided by the total). This analysis helps evaluate the overall level of display volume and your position within the market