What's the Differences Between SBV and SDV

There are two types of video format advertisements, namely Sponsored Brand Videos (SBV) and Sponsored Display Videos (SDV), have the following differences:

1.They belong to different ad types, leading to distinct delivery methods:
SBV supports keyword and product targeting, whereas SDV supports contextual targeting and audience targeting.

2.They occupy different ad placements:
SBV is displayed on Amazon's site, whereas SDV, in addition to this, can also be showcased on third-party websites.

3.They have varying requirements for production and approval

After understanding the differences between the two, it's crucial to clarify the goals for using ASIN or brand advertisements:

▪️ If aiming to increase exposure and raise awareness for ASIN or brand through advertising, choosing the vCPM billing method for delivery can be beneficial. In this scenario, SBV will appear at the top position in search result pages, while SDV may appear in various locations such as other spots on search result pages, product detail pages, Amazon's homepage, or off-Amazon sites. The combination of both can generate significant exposure for ASIN or brand. Focus should be on ad impression share and ad impression ranking metrics. Emphasize the unique value of the product more within the video creative content and repeatedly emphasize the product or brand name to leave a lasting impression on consumers.

▪️ If aiming to drive more traffic to a listing through advertising, opting for CPC billing can be effective. Utilize SBV to target specific keywords, emphasizing the relevance of the video content to the keywords. For SDV, target Amazon audiences and emphasize the correlation between the product’s selling points and the preferences of the targeted audience within the video creative. This strategy aims to attract consumers to click. Focus in this scenario should be on the click-through rate (CTR) metric for the ad.