What data should be paid attention to in Amazon selection?

What data should be paid attention to in Amazon selection?
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1.Order quantity
The number of orders can directly reflect whether the product is hot or not. All the data analysis and late operation are for the final conversion, and the order volume of this data is a direct reflection of the conversion rate, so when choosing products, we must pay attention to this data, choose those products with better order data performance.

2.Number of items added to cart
If the order quantity can intuitively reflect whether a product is hot or not, the number of consumers adding to the shopping cart can reflect their real purchase needs, because one of the biggest differences between the operation of e-commerce purchase and offline purchase is that everyone can add the products they want to the shopping cart, so as to place an order after multi-party comparison. In fact, many people will add the product to the shopping cart for a variety of reasons, and wait until the conditions are suitable for payment, so the product of the shopping cart is often what the majority of consumers need, and we need to pay more attention to this aspect of the data when choosing the product.

3.Number of product searches
The number of products searched by consumers on the Amazon platform also needs to be focused on, because if it is a product with a relatively high search volume, it must have a very good performance in the heat, and generally there will be good data in the later transformation, so it is possible to choose a product with appropriate traffic.

There is a question about what data should be paid attention to in Amazon's product selection, the above is a detailed answer for you, and I hope that you can consider and think more about these three aspects of data in the actual selection process in the future, so as to combine their actual supply channels, so as to choose a product that is really suitable for their own sales.