What categories does Amazon handmade allow to sell? How to sell?

What categories does Amazon handmade allow to sell? How to sell?
Photo by NEOM / Unsplash

Amazon Handmade is an artisan-only community on Amazon where artists and artisans can sell their unique products to buyers around the world. Today we'll talk more about Amazon Handmade.

  1.  Introduction to Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade, a category specially established by Amazon for handicraft sellers, officially launched in October 2015, is established to meet the desire of buyers who want to buy Handmade goods at a trusted trading place. All products of Handmade must be handmade.

2.   Categories that Amazon Handmade allows to sell

Accessories, art, Baby, Beauty and Personal Care, Clothing, Shoes and handbags, home, outdoor and home care, jewelry watches, kitchen and dining room, pet supplies, sporting goods, stationery and party supplies, toys and games.

3.   How do I start selling?

Sellers can refer to the following steps:

▪️ by making products by hand, or a member of your team must make all products sold on AmazonHandmade by hand;

▪️ Fill out the application form and answer many questions related to your business to prove that you are qualified as a handmade seller;

▪️ Determine which shipping method to use. You can choose to use FBA, which means that when you ship your product to an Amazon warehouse, your item will become a Prime member, and Amazon will package and ship your order. Alternatively, you can choose to ship from a warehouse or location yourself using Amazon's Merchant Fulfillment (FBM) method.