What does Amazon's Choice logo do? How to get it?

What does Amazon's Choice logo do? How to get it?
Photo by Zo Razafindramamba / Unsplash

When searching by keywords on Amazon platform, careful sellers may find that some listings have Amazon's Choice logo. What is Amazon's Choice? What is the meaning of its existence? If there is a significant increase in product sales, how should the seller obtain the Amazon's Choice logo?

  1. implication

Amazon's Choice is a function launched by Amazon to help customers save their time in shopping search. That is to say, Amazon platform will label some high-quality products with good price on Amazon's Choice according to customers' purchase records, collection records and search records, and recommend products to consumers in turn.

Products labeled as Amazon's Choice are items that sell well and receive good reviews. If you hover your mouse arrow over the Amazon's Choice icon, you'll see this description: "Amazon's Choice recommends items that are highly rated, reasonably priced, and can ship immediately."

2.   How to get Amazon's Choice

Amazon's Choice is the equivalent of free traffic that Amazon provides to sellers, how to get it? We need to pay attention to the following aspects.

▪️ Product Review

Under normal circumstances, the average star rating of the product Review must be 4 stars or above to obtain Amazon's Choice label

▪️ Brand record

Amazon attaches great importance to brand filing, so if you want to get Amazon's Choice label, the product is best to have brand filing

▪️ delivery method

Amazon's own products and those delivered by FBA are more eligible for Amazon's Choice, and if your product is difficult to purchase, Amazon will not promote your product. To become an FBA seller, you need to ensure fast and reliable shipping. To ensure this, you must have a large inventory of products and maintain Amazon Prime

▪️ return rate

The return rate will directly affect the status of listing. Amazon will not recommend a product with a high return rate. You can reduce return rates by improving photos, titles, descriptions, bullet points, better page presentation, and variations. Make sure you accurately place the benefits of your product and let the customer decide if they want the item or not

▪️ accurate keywords

Keywords need to be used accurately and in a logical order.