What do you know about the "A-to-Z" Amazon Claim Guarantee?

What do you know about the "A-to-Z" Amazon Claim Guarantee?
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I believe that many Amazon sellers will have a headache when they see A-to-Z, and new sellers will also wonder: What is A-to-Z? Today, let's introduce A-to-Z in detail.

1. A-to-Z introduction
A-to-Z, or Amazon Claim guarantee, is A promise made by Amazon that when a consumer purchases a product sold and completed by a third-party seller, Amazon will provide a guarantee for it, and if the buyer is not satisfied with the product or service purchased, he/she can launch an A-to-Z claim to protect his/her right and interest.

2. What conditions the buyer needs to meet to apply for an A-to-Z claim?

▪️ The seller has been contacted through "Contact Seller" in "My Account"

▪️ The seller has not replied for more than 2 working days

▪️ The buyer's request satisfies the circumstances of the Amazon Marketplace transaction protection claim

3. What should the seller do if he receives an A-to-Z?

▪️ Timely check: Check whether there is any new A-to-Z in Amazon account performance;

▪️ Timely reply: you need to follow up the reply on Amazon within 3 days after the claim is opened. Because if the seller does not respond within 3 days, Amazon will approve the buyer's claim by default, directly deduct the full amount of the claim from the seller's account, and refund the buyer;

▪️ Contact the buyer: Through active communication, try to make the buyer withdraw the A-to-Z; (However, you should pay attention to the words in the communication process, improper words may lead to the closure of the Amazon store)

▪️ Prepare for complaint: If the buyer does not reply or fails to meet the buyer's claim, we need to submit a complaint letter to Amazon for complaint, which needs to collect the following information: order details, package tracking information, communication records with the buyer, part of the loan and discount information returned before.

4. How can buyers avoid A-to-Z to the maximum extent possible?

▪️ Respond to buyers' emails actively and promptly

When there is A problem in the transaction, the buyer will generally give priority to contact the seller of the store for communication. If the problem order is not handled in time, the buyer may directly submit the A-to-Z;

▪️ Offer to refund the buyer

Timely check the progress of the buyer's return, and refund the buyer at the appropriate time, so as to avoid further claims by the buyer;

▪️ Describe the product accurately and provide clear pictures

Ensure that the product matches the ASIN and the description, which enables the buyer to accurately understand the product they want to buy in advance, and reduces the probability of mismatch between the product and the buyer's expectation after receiving the product.

▪️ Confirm delivery and provide tracking information

Confirm orders as soon as they are shipped and provide tracking information to Amazon;

▪️ Provide high quality pre-sales and after-sales service

Free to solve the buyer's pre-sale and after-sales quality problems.