What is a Buy Box? How to preempt?

What is a Buy Box?  How to preempt?
Photo by Anna Sullivan / Unsplash

Today we will introduce Amazon Buy Box in detail.

First, we need to know what is buy box, here is some information about buy box.Buy Box refers to the "gold shopping Cart" in Amazon, which is the position that every cross-border e-commerce merchant wants to seize. It is located at the top right of a single product page (as shown following). When the buyer clicks "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now", the page will automatically jump to the seller's store with the Buy Box. In the listing of each product, Amazon will select a seller to occupy the position of the Buy Box, and the selected seller's favorite can enjoy a steady stream of orders and attention. In short, to grab the Buy Box is to grab orders.

Buy Box plays an important role in increasing product exposure and increasing product sales. According to statistics, 82% of Amazon transactions are completed through Buy Box, which means that sellers with Buy Box are far more likely to sell products than other sellers. So for the seller, to grab the Buy Box means to grab the order.

So how do you grab the buy box? Here are some key points.

  1. The best delivery method is FBA

Amazon's delivery mode is also an important factor affecting the share of Buy Box. Under the condition that other conditions are the same, the influence degree of Amazon's delivery mode is as follows: FBA> FBM, the use of FBA will greatly increase the seller's chance to get the Buy Box

2.   The product price should be competitive

If the product price is higher, it is also at a disadvantage in the competition for the gold shopping cart

3.   The product must be in stock

Since the gold shopping cart may bring huge sales to the product, if your goods are out of stock, then the Buy Box will also be lost, so keeping the stock is also a prerequisite to grab the shopping cart

4.   Amazon's assessment requirements for gold shopping carts are related to whether the seller's account performance is qualified

The algorithm considers any metric related to the customer experience, including negative feedback rate, A-Z claims, effective tracking rate, delayed shipment rate, customer response time, return rate, and more. A store's order defect rate, cancellation rate and late delivery rate are key indicators to determine whether it will be eligible - the better the performance, the more respect and trust you earn from buyers, the better chance you have to qualify for the Buy Box button.