What is Amazon's biggest discount event? How are commissions calculated for discounted products on Amazon?

On the Amazon platform, as sellers, we can boost sales and enhance visibility by participating in Amazon's discount events. Among these, there's a highly anticipated holiday celebrated with the biggest discount event on Amazon.

1. Amazon's biggest discount event

Firstly, the most prominent discount event on Amazon is "Amazon Prime Day." Usually held in mid-July each year, it lasts for two days. Exclusive to Amazon Prime members, Amazon Prime Day offers a series of exclusive promotions and discounts. During this holiday, Amazon provides numerous limited-time sale items, extra coupons, and gift cards, enabling consumers to purchase their desired products at remarkably low prices.

Secondly, Amazon Black Friday is also one of the major discount events with substantial discount intensity. Occurring on the fourth Friday of November each year, Amazon launches extensive promotional activities, allowing consumers to buy various items below market prices. On this day, Amazon offers super discounts and limited-time sales, including electronics, home goods, clothing, and more, creating a festive shopping frenzy for consumers.

Additionally, Amazon hosts other quarterly promotional events such as Spring Clearance, Summer Big Sale, and Year-End Carnival. These events also feature significant discounts and attractive products, attracting considerable attention and participation from numerous consumers.

2. How are Amazon discounted products commissioned?

Firstly, Amazon's commission calculation is based on the original price (i.e., the price before the discount). Regardless of how you participate in discount activities on the Amazon platform, the commission calculation is based on the original price. This means that even if you sell products at a discounted price, Amazon will calculate the commission based on the original price.

Secondly, Amazon's commission rates vary depending on the category of the sold item. Different categories of products on the Amazon platform have varying commission rates. Sellers can refer to the fee rate charts available in Amazon's Seller Central to understand the commission rates for their sold items. Based on the commission rate and the original price of the product, the commission amount on the Amazon platform can be calculated.